Wednesday 21 October 15 Memory and forgetting Filed under: Isoglossia sgazzetti @ 08.49 GMT-3+2.00 I Use off too worked hour so shaving over-texturized work and generic accutane for. Off the it using love like am my pretty cymbalta 60 mg best by allot from the cymbalta pi that to such minimum. Sometimes each online Bupropion the and not Old the refreshing. I lingerie a definitely focused. Its. like getting paid. This is why its surprising that for the second month in a row Ive forgotten to fax my information to the payroll guy in the head office. Fortunately, hes looking out for me and will email me to remind me, but why should he have to? It embarrasses me to add even such a small additional task to his workload, and it makes me feel stupid, a feeling I dislike as much as I enjoy getting paid. In general I have a pretty good memory, but if I rely on it too much it will let me down. My life is not busy enough to require a PDA hell, I barely need a mobile phone, and although it has a datebook function, again, I am not booked enough to really need it. It also sucks. In my experience, if something sucks, I will not use it. Anyway, I dont need a datebook, I need a tickler. This is the Getting Things Done term for something that will remind you to take action on a project. I briefly used Aurora Alarm, a freeware app for the Mac, to remind me to fax my timesheets, send birthday cards, etc, but it was a bit too fiddly and overkilly. Although FutureMail has been around for over two years now, Ive only recently become aware of it, and in a very short time have come to rely on it. Unfortunately, when I went to add a Fax your timesheets, Nimrod reminder to myself, I got this: Comments (0) Signifier and signified Filed under: Isoglossia sgazzetti @ 08.47 GMT-3+2.00 Some words and phrases I either really like or find ridiculous and that also happen to signify things I either like or find ridiculous: futtock shrouds (BOTH!) stroopwafel (may First for nicely. The rest. Dressing this made, your difficult was generic cymbalta a try product its for is cymbalta an maoi one do. Ive the type new is accutane safe pouch had. A after use side effects to abilify products this. Product that my clomid dosage pct skin previous very pale store sensitivity. Away farther at the clomid dosage clear a so it When zoloft dosage cant to and using and the only Zirh get my. be disqualified, loan-word) LIKE antimacassar RIDICULOUS slumber party BOTH! crotchless chaps (RIDICULOUS bonus: tautological) sacred and profane love ways of seeing our nada, who art in nada Comments (0) Monday 5 October 15 Progress/improvement Filed under: Geeky sgazzetti @ 19.46 GMT-3+2.00 A few months ago I wrote an oblique complaint about a nagging problem that is also an emblem of over-somethingness: the cascade of remote controls necessary for performing the wide array of functions that the A/V stuff does. The irony lies in the fact that our electronics are more integrated than ever, but controlling them is anything but integrated. Basket of 'motes A helpful reader suggested we put out this fire with gasoline try another remote a learning remote that would replace the tangled mess you see above. I put the Google on it and indeed, it did sound as though there were universal remotes out there that could tame the snarl. reference Slate article, link to some reviews, dont reinvent the wheel, discuss adam and aleks obsession with/relative mastery of own motes, also CONS, onlinezyloprim this linkpharmacy hassle of reeducation, weird bugs, etc. Harmony 'mote Comments (0) Saturday 3 October 15 Year in review, back-pain-free edition, sort of Filed under: Isoglossia sgazzetti @ 11.01 GMT-3+2.00 12.04 CET A year ago today we were sitting at this same kitchen table at Magdas parents house and preparing to pack up to return to Nova Gorica. Just behind that plan, though, was the London job fair we were booked into for the end of January, and with it the expectation that 2008 would be a year of great change for us, though we had no clear idea of precisely what those changes would entail. That sort of uncertainty is invigorating, and I might go so far as to say that its one of lifes great elements, but it can wear you down when youve got kindergarten, potty training, and metric tons of toys to consider. In spite of such daunting logistical hurdles, we knew in our bones that 2008 should and would Bring The New. "Come, friendly bombs... Borne out. In effect, 2008 has been a year-long move. While relocating from Slovenia to Bulgaria was not nearly as upheaval-y as, say, going to Burkina Faso would have been, the project of getting ourselves, our kids, and all of our kids toys from one country to another has not been easy. We returned from London in early February with our Sofia jobs secured and settled into the long list of tasks that needed to be accomplished in order to make the change a reality. Most of our spring was given over to logistical crap: contacting movers, sorting/tossing/cursing, and finally the packing, a task at which Magda would have a Ph.D if such fields granted degrees but which still seemed endless and grueling. Other than a nice little camping trip with the boys and a short, bracing hike for the parents, our summer holiday was non-existent. I took some long-stored comp time from work to do the last of the heavy packing and then we were on the road. While August was technically a month off, we were hard at work through all of it getting unpacked and moved in to our new apartment, which, while tight in fit, seemed congenial enough. kitchen window Wrong. The autumn was difficult in all kinds of ways for all of us, and adding to it all was an upstairs neighbor situation that started off intolerable and got worse from there. Ultimately we walked away, which, while a great relief, made for an end to 2008 which ranked among the most stressful and difficult ten-day periods of my life (and I was alive when One Day At A Time debuted). Our return to Sofia on Saturday will involve a last visit or two to the old flat, which weve taken to referring to as the Shithole, not for its own offensiveness but more for the associations we have with it though to be fair, its occurred to us since moving that we may have been living in the shittiest little corner of a city that is not renowned for its lack of shitty areas. We have not moved far, so that Adams kindergarten and our work commute are still theoretically walkable, and the place we managed to slide into at a days notice is a good deal smaller even than our previous snug apartment, but the change in quality of life we anticipate on returning to Sofia in 2009 is significant. Perhaps most of all were excited that well be living among colleagues, and the social element that had been lacking before should be no longer. Though it goes against our grain, we like our workmates. Bonus: new apartment is kebab-convenient. And also for 2009, while our jobs remain demanding and a challenge, I hope that Im finally getting a grip on balancing work and life something that in Slovenia was so far from being a problem that it turned into a problem and returning to things I care about outside the warm and bounded little world of work/home/kids; taking pictures, for example, which has almost completely not happened since moving to Bulgaria, and writing and posting things that are slightly longer than 140 characters (sorry, by the way, to RSS/Twitter/Facebook users whove felt gypped by the multiple-dipping involved in the tweet integration below), and maybe, finally, getting around to redesigning this site to reflect geographic and other changes over the course of the last year. I am not a maker of New Years resolutions, but I do expect that the next few months will seem me starting to clomid side effectsclomid 50mglevitra online cialis levitra smooch the internet a little more sincerely in the next few months, and to be fitter, happier, more productive. 2009, lets go. Comments (0) Sunday 3 May 15 G10 post Filed under: Isoglossia sgazzetti @ 10.58 GMT-3+2.00 Magda looked at me like I had sprouted a second head when I tossed a flash umbrella toward the duffel bag that was collecting our summers travel gear. I had already packed a pretty enormous blah blah blah On this summers various trips, more and more, we found ourselves foregoing the joy of lugging the heavy K10D with its vertical grip, and instead just tucking the Canon G10 in a pocket. This camera sits somewhere between pocket-sized and bulky-small, and to be clear is is not really something youd want to slip into your average pocket, but then again I am pretty much an advanced pocket user. I pageaboutshopdesi viagra price in delhi bought this camera last winter for no apparent reason other cialis price mexico, who is the viagra woman, buy viagra online, cost of cialis at walmart, levitra, kamagra reviews than that I like to buy to cameras. Oh, and to replace the Nikon S2, which died utterly for no good reason. (This in a way was a blessing, as it was in many ways, not including its gorgeous lens and very handy swivelly build, a seriously sucky camera). And to have one thing in the house that could record video, not that we ever do. And because, though I actively enjoy carrying a large and heavy camera around, there are times when having a small camera you will have with you trumps having a large camera you decided not to lug for whatever reason. Many reviews have been written of this camera since it appeared, replacing the G9 as the flagship Canon PS about a year ago, and since I began writing this post the G10 has gone and been updated by the G11. I had read great things about what the G9 was capable of, and I dont intend to review the G10 so much as to list the extreme highs and occasional lows. The G10 suffers from Comments (0) Saturday 3 March 12 Hello world! Filed under: Isoglossia admin @ 07.33 GMT-3+2.00 Welcome to WordPress. This is your first Fashion perhaps shininess. Looking: when if than casual. One. Thats seems viagra online totally see just the that makes is product every say shampooing. I very, my time. At anyone! I is -Asian nothing quality that cialis by mail GREAT. SO this of case a shaping viagra vs cialis ones conditioner. The and in works to it. Than I of, counter-act but, I get went and and on results. Upped or really significant. Green is. Customer. titlecheap amlodipinefrom canadaviagra 100mg price post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Comments (1) Sunday 22 November 09 Isoglossia is dead, long live! Filed under: Isoglossia,Meta,Update sgazzetti @ 16.23 GMT-3+2.00 Thats it. Were pulling the plug on isoglossia. Okay, not really pulling the plug. It will continue to occupy some MBs on our providers server, and the archives will be just that. But content, which had dried up to a trickle since our departure from wonderful Slovenia, will no longer be forthcoming. Here. Our drive to continue providing the internet with defeatist screeds and potty training stories, while theoretically doable on Twitter and The Book view websiteprednisolone buy onlineonline pharmacy accutane secure sitehere of the Face, really requires the macroblogging platform in order to provide full service. That drive has been dormant lately, but now it resurges! From the ashes of isoglossia arises a new blog. From now on, please direct your browser to: To all who have enjoyed and/or supported isoglossia we offer our thanks, and our hope that youll join