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isoglossia — pending reconstruction

Sunday 3 May 15

G10 post

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Magda looked at me like I had sprouted a second head when I tossed a flash umbrella toward the duffel bag that was collecting our summer’s travel gear. I had already packed a pretty enormous blah blah blah On this summer’s various trips, more and more, we found ourselves foregoing the joy of lugging the heavy K10D with its vertical grip, and instead just tucking the Canon G10 in a pocket. This camera sits somewhere between ‘pocket-sized’ and ‘bulky-small’, and to be clear is is not really something you’d want to slip into your average pocket, but then again I am pretty much an advanced pocket user. I

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bought this camera last winter for no apparent reason other than that I like to buy to cameras. Oh, and to replace the Nikon S2, which died utterly for no good reason. (This in a way was a blessing, as it was in many ways, not including its gorgeous lens and very handy swivelly build, a seriously sucky camera). And to have one thing in the house that could record video, not that we ever do. And because, though I actively enjoy carrying a large and heavy camera around, there are times when having a small camera you will have with you trumps having a large camera you decided not to lug for whatever reason. Many reviews have been written of this camera since it appeared, replacing the G9 as the flagship Canon P&S about a year ago, and since I began writing this post the G10 has gone and been updated by the G11. I had read great things about what the G9 was capable of, and I don’t intend to review the G10 so much as to list the extreme highs and occasional lows. The G10 suffers from

Saturday 3 March 12

Hello world!

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Sunday 22 November 09

Isoglossia is dead, long live!

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Monday 9 November 09

Is this thing on?

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Monday 7 September 09


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Saturday 5 September 09

Another 24 hours

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Sunday 5 July 09

24 hours door-to-door

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